Muay Thai Chaiya

What is Muay Thai Chaiya?

Muay Thai Chaiya is a southern style of Muay Thai. For more information about this great style please visit our muay thai section.

The founder of Muay Thai Chaiya was Phramajarn Por Tarn Mar, the great master of muay Chaiya was Ajarn Kiet Sriyaphai. Among his best students are Kru Tonglor Yalee and Kru Lek.

Kru lek kru Pedro and Tae

Kru Pedro has learned the basics of Muay Thai Chaiya with Kru Lek (Kridakorn Sodprasert). During this learning process, Kru Pedro noticed that certain areas within the Muay Thai Chaiya training were not covered. He asked some questions but the answers were not satisfying, triggering in him the need to find the missing pieces in ground fighting, takedowns, and the multi-opponent footwork training in the countries around Thailand.

Kru lek kru Pedro in Kun phra chuae

Kru Pedro decided to travel around South-East Asia looking for the missing pieces of his training. In his travels he went to Cambodia, Indonesia, India and China. On each trip he found valuable skills and concepts making all the aspects of his training fit together.

wai kru muay chaiya 2006 c

After some training with these new concepts, he saw that the training of Muay Thai Chaiya and his new training began to separate and this is when he decided to call his training Sangha Muay Thai (Sangha means community).

Tae, matt, nathan and pedro
Show muay chaiya bkk

Still, Kru Pedro felt that the spiritual aspect of his training was not fully covered yet, so his spiritual Persian master told him to completely let go of Muay Thai and martial arts and to start looking inside of his heart. For three years, Kru Pedro stopped all Muay Thai training, gave up his school and belongings, entering again in a period of isolation and meditation.

kru lek kru Pedro wai kru 2010

Sometime after, and with a long laugh, a new stage in his life started. Few months after he relocates himself to the jungle, in a mountain near Chiang Mai where he stays for two years until he decides to come down and share through martial arts his vision of what he had found inside.

back view in chaiya
Muay Chaiya Founder Ajarn Por Tarn Mar
Muay Chaiya Founder Ajarn Por Tarn Mar
Ajarn Kiet Sriyaphai
Ajarn Ket Sriyaphai was the teacher of kru Lek (Kridakorn Sodprasert)
Kru Thonglor Yalee
Kru Thonglor Yalee
Kru Lek
Kru Lek (Kridakorn Sodprasert) is the Muay Chaiya teacher of kru Pedro
Kru Lek and kru Pedro
Muay Chaiya kru Lek and kru Pedro
Wai Kru Muay Chaiya 2006 Baan Kru Thong
Wai Kru Muay Chaiya 2006 Baan Kru Thong
Wai kru Muay Chaiya 2010 in Baanchagthai
Wai kru Muay Chaiya 2010 in Baanchagthai