Fight Training


For those who are interested in training just ring muay Thai under professional Thai fighters, this can be the type of training that you are looking for.

Our school has trained many Thais and foreign fighters, including two Muay Thai northern champions.

The difference between other Muay Thai schools and ours is that our training also includes ancient muay Thai boran techniques.

As well the remote location of our school ensures no distraction in the training keeping the boxers concentrated.

To fight in Thailand requires exceptional endurance, proper technique, unbreakable discipline and a lot of courage.

Beginner or professional, definitively we can train you and improve your physical and skill level.

Students who want to participate in the fighting program must follow a code of conduct which includes not to consume alcohol, drugs and must behave respectfully inside and outside of the school.

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The student will train two times a day from Monday until Saturday midday.

Morning Training: starting 8:00 am until 10:30 am
-Running or springs depending of the day
-Shadow Boxing / Bag work / Techniques/ Conditioning & Calisthenics.
*The morning training is done with a Thai trainer.

Evening Training: starts at 3:30 pm until 6:00 pm
-Skip Rope / Shadow Boxing / Bag Work / Pads Work
-Counter Techniques / Clinch or Sparring
*The evening training is under the supervision of a Thai trainer.

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-The student should bring their own personal training equipment (bag gloves, shin guards, hand wraps and mouth piece).
-Accommodation and food are not included in the fee. We will help you to find a place to stay around the school according to you budget. As well we will show you around the small shops where you can eat every day.

Our school is like a family far from being a fighting factory.
We care about our fighters as much as we can and with respect, we train them and educate them while in Thailand inside and outside the ring.
We are not an entertainment school, it means that we give our best and we expect as well the best from our students. Determination discipline, respect, and will to learn are essentials to train with us.