Internal  Arts




The Kshatria Sangham Internal Arts is the synchronization of our body mechanics (sangham movements) with the breath (pranayama) under a state of awareness ( the result of our meditation). This training will prepare us to flow and neutralize whatever may come. Ultimately Sangham Internal Arts will lead us to understand the forces of nature so inner and outer balance is achieved.



The effective movements of Sangham are based on the defensive concepts of the Fighting arts curriculum. The training holds back the strikes and emphasizes sweeps, locks, and throws which are all related to disrupting the opponents balance. Sangham is a form of movements with origins in Vedic martial arts, practiced for both self-defense and health benefits.

The Sangham training maintains a foundation of fluid open-handed movements and footwork patterns to absorb or deflect the opponents force.



Pranayama is a yogic discipline ith origins from ancient India. "Prana" is the vital energy in the body which is responsible for our life force, and "ayama" means control. So Pranayama is "Control of the Breath"

Pranayama involves the practice of extending or drawing out the breath. Breathing is one of our most vital functions, proper breathing brings more oxygen to the blood and the brain, improves our health and prepares the mind for meditation.

Pranayama breathing exercises are the second main aspect in the Kshatria Sangham Internal Arts.



The term meditation refers to a form of practice where an individual trains the mind to observe what is in the present moment.

A broad variety of sitting, standing or moving meditation techniques are used to clear the mind, develop relaxation and aid with many health problems.

Ultimately meditation induces a state of awareness, which builds up our internal energy and helps with the development of new neurons so learning processes can become easier.

The union of these three principles creates a high form of purification and self-discipline, covering both mind and body.

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