Healing Arts Training  



Our Healing Arts Program covers a variety of internal methods to improve our training from the inner core. The Muay Thai Body Mechanics (Mae Mai) are blend with Yoga Warrior moving postures (asanas) synchronized by different Martial Breathing Exercises (pranayama) under a state of concentration (samathi meditation). The Training can help us to understand better how to use force and how to deal with pressure in a completely different level. This kind of training is almost lost within the fighting arts and we consider that is extremely important if we want to develop our skills further. 



The effective movements of Muay Thai Body Mechanics (Mae Mai) are based on our fighting arts curriculum. The training emphasizes sweeps, locks and throws which are all related to disrupting the opponents balance. 

The Mae Mai training is based in a foundation of defensive strategies and footwork patterns to absorb or deflect the opponent's force allowing us to understand better different ways to deal with force. 



Within the Mae Mai Body Mechanics, as well we have included certain warrior Warrior Yoga Postures (asanas) based on the fighting principles to develop a better gravity and balance. All the Asanas have their origin in Vedic martial arts and the routines can be practiced for both self-defense or for self-healing purposes. Warrior Yoga Asanas are our second main aspect under the Healing Program.



Pranayama is a yogic discipline with origins from ancient India. "Prana" is the vital energy in the body which is responsible for our life force, and "ayama" means control. So Pranayama is "Control of the Breath"

Our training uses different pranayama exercises by extending or drawing out the breath as a main aspect of our practices.

If we want to reach a higher peak of performance we must understand correctly these breathing patterns. 

Pranayama breathing exercises are the third main aspect in our Healing Training.



The term meditation refers to a form of practice where an individual trains the mind to observe what is in the present moment. 

A broad variety of sitting and moving meditation techniques are used to develop concentration and coordination. These practices as well can help us with many anxiety and tension problems.

Ultimately meditation will induce us into an state of higher conexion (satthi) between our movements, our breath and our mind.

The union of these four principles will create an efficient way of training creating more awareness and clarity in our daily practices.

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