Main Courses 


The Muay Thai Sangha Fighting Arts School offers Main Courses (regular classes) in Northern Thailand for those who want to spend some time training here at the school.

The duration of any of the main courses taught at the school is one month. We accept a maximum of ten students per course.

In order for students to participate in the training, we recommend first booking through PayPal a month in advance to receive your discount, and to ensure your place on the course as spaces are limited.

Our Training Courses start on the first day of the month, finishing on the 30th. Weekly Training Courses are also available, beginning every Monday morning and ending on Saturday afternoon. Each training day consist of five and half hours of hard training (9am-12pm / 3:30pm to 6pm).

To learn more about which specific Training Courses are available, please check the calendar.

Below you will find a description of the different courses and their training curriculum to help you identify the one most suited to you.

All the Courses are designed with a strong emphasis on meditation, breathing, warrior yoga and biomechanics, using the energetic principles of the Five Elements: Earth (Structure), Water (Stickiness), Air (Footwork), Fire (Attacks) and Ether (Mind). 


Drop-in Class Rates: Bt 34,000 for a month and Bt 12,000 for a week. We offer an early bird discount if you register and pay a month before the course begins. Access to courses is limited to just 10 students per month, to ensure quality of instruction and adequate attention to each students needs.

Early Bird Special Rate: If you register and pay one month before, we'll give you the early bird special price of Bt 20,400 per month / Bt 9,600 per week. We ask for a 50% Non-Refundable Deposit to book a place on the course. Payments can only be made using PayPal. Our prices do not include PayPal transfer fees, so please make sure you deposit the extra funds.

* For Booking send your payment to our Paypal account: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

After your Booking, please send us an email with a screenshot of your payment, and the dates of your arrival.


Students that come to learn in the school can stay in a clean and quiet guesthouse 400 meters away from our training facilities.

The Guest House Fees are:

 2,450 baths per week.

6,000 bahts per month.

Guest House Facebook page: Sandee339/8-9

Address: Baan Sandee 339 Mae Malai Moo 2 Tambon Keelex, Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai. 50150

Phone Number: (081)882-56-98.


This course is an introduction to the Southern style of bare-knuckle fighting; Muay Thai Chaiya, and to the art of Thai Double Sword Fighting. The training will provide the student with a solid understanding of the basics; footwork, body mechanics and effective attacks and blocks. The course will also shine light on the benefits and uniqueness of both the Double Swords and Muay Chaiya as martial arts. 

The Thai Double Swords (Morning Training) includes:

  • Siddha Grounding Meditation.
  • Warrior Yoga Fighting Asanas with Double Swords.
  • Wai Kru Four Corners Form.
  • Female/Male Structural Exercises.
  • Male/Female Opening Triangle Footwork.
  • Front Sword Attacks and Defenses with Footwork.
  • Rear Sword Attacks and Defenses with Footwork.
  • Super Drill (Front-Rear Sword Combination Attacks and Defenses).
  • Freestyle Attacks and Blocks.

The Muay Chaiya (Evening Training) includes:

  • Wai Kru Four Corners.
  • Muay Chaiya Structural Exercises.
  • Male/Female Closing Triangle Footwork.
  • Basic Styles of Footwork.
  • Beginners Muay Chaiya Combination Attacks.
  • Pad Work or Bag Work (Beginners Muay Chaiya Combinations).
  • Different sets of Blocks.
  • Sparring and Counter Technique Drills.
  • Pranayama Breathing Exercises.


This course will teach you about the art of Muay Thai Boran and the Staff or Krabong. The training is based on the fundamental techniques of striking and blocking, with emphasis place on body structure, alignment and effective fighting principles. Skill will be developed through striking combinations and drills for both the Krabong and Muay Thai. 

The Krabong (Morning Training) includes:

  • Siddha Grounding Meditation.
  • Warrior Yoga Fighting Asanas with Krabong.
  • Wai Kru Four Corners Form.
  • Krabong Structural Exercises.
  • Male/Female Closing Triangle Footwork.
  • Front Krabong Attacks and Defenses with Footwork.
  • Rear Krabong Attacks and Defenses with Footwork.
  • Super Drill (Front-Rear Attacks and Defenses).
  • FreeStyle Blocking.

The Muay Thai Boran (Evening Training) includes:

  • Wai Kru and Ram Muay Four Corners Form.
  • Structure and Body Alignment.
  • Male/Female Closing Triangle Footwork.
  • Muay Thai Boran Combination Attacks and Blocking Sets.
  • Pad Work (Muay Thai Boran Combinations).
  • Basic Sparring and Counter Technique Drills.
  • Basic Clinching Techniques.
  • Pranayama Breathing Exercises.