Main Courses 


The Muay Thai Sangha Camp blends different fighting subjects to create specific training programs.

Our Training Programs are combined as:

1) Thai Double Swords with Muay Chaiya.

2) Krabong (Wooden Staff) with Muay Thai.

3) Knife with Ground Fighting Silat.

4) Kshatria Sangham Healing Program.

Each training program taught at the school last 1 month. Each training week is composed of 6 hours per day for 5 days (Monday-Friday), and 3 hours on Saturday. Therefore, each training week starts every Monday morning and ends on Saturday afternoon. In order for students to participate in the training, we recommend to arrive at the guest house one day earlier (on Sunday).

To learn more about when our specific training programs are available, please check the calendar and send us an email.

All the Training Programs are designed with a strong emphasis on awareness, breathing, and biomechanics using the energetic principles of the five elements: Earth (Structure), Air (Footwork), Fire (Attacks), Water (Stickiness) and Ether (Mind).


Drop-in Class Rates: Bt 34,000 for a month and Bt 12,000 for a week. We offer an early bird discount if you register and pay a month before the course begins.

Early Bird Special Rate: If you register and pay one month before, we'll give you the early bird special price of Bt 20.400 per month / Bt 9.600 per week. We ask for a 50% Non-Refundable Deposit to book a place, and we use PayPal to facilitate the process. 

* For Booking send your payment to our Paypal account: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After your Booking, please send us an email with the screen capture of the payment and the dates of your arrival.


Students that come to learn in the school can stay in a clean and quiet guesthouse 400 meters away from our training facilities.

The Guest House Fees are:

 2,450 baths per week.

6,000 bahts per month.

Guest House Facebook page: Sandee339/8-9

Address: Baan Sandee 339 Mae Malai Moo 2 Tambon Keelex, Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai. 50150

Phone Number: (081)882-56-98.


This training program is indicated for those who would like to be introduced to the Southern style of bare-knuckle fighting Muay Thai Chaiya and to the art of Thai Sword Fighting Daab Son Muu (Samnak Sri Ayutthaya Chiang Mai and Buddhaisawan Styles). This training will provide to the student a solid understanding of the basic footwork, movement, and effective attacks and blocks. As well, will allow the student to see the benefits and uniqueness that both the Double Swords and Muay Chaiya can offer as a martial art. 

The Double Thai Sword (Morning Training) includes:

  • Wai Kru Four Corners Form with Double Sword.
  • Female/Male Structural Exercises.
  • Male/Female Triangle Footwork.
  • Basic Styles Footwork (including Yang Sam Kum-The Golden Treasure of Thai Martial Arts).
  • Front Sword Attacks and Defenses with Footwork.
  • Rear Sword Attacks and Defenses with Footwork.
  • Super Drill (Front-Rear Sword Combination Attacks and Defenses).
  • Free Style Blocking.
  • Siddha Grounding Meditation.

The Muay Chaiya (Evening Training) includes:

  • Wai Kru Four Corners.
  • Muay Chaiya Structural Exercises.
  • Male/Female Triangle Footwork.
  • Basic Styles Footwork.
  • Beginners Muay Chaiya Combination Attacks.
  • Pad Work or Bag Work (Beginners Muay Chaiya Combinations).
  • Different Blocking Sets.
  • Different Sparring and Counter Technique Drills.
  • Pranayama Breathing Exercises.


This training program is for those who would like to know the art of Muay Thai Fighting and the Long Wooden Stick or Krabong (Buddhai Swan Style). This training teaches the fundamental techniques of striking and blocking movements. Emphasis will be made on structure, positioning and important fighting theory. Skill will be developed through the striking combinations and drills for both Krabong and Muay Thai. 

The Krabong Training (Morning Training) includes:

  • Wai Kru Four Corners Form.
  • Krabong Structural Exercises.
  • Male/Female Closing Triangle Footwork.
  • Basic Styles Footwork (including Yang Sam Kum-The Golden Treasure of Thai Martial Arts).
  • Front Krabong Attacks and Defenses with Footwork.
  • Rear Krabong Attacks and Defenses with Footwork.
  • Super Drill (Front-Rear Attacks and Defenses).
  • Free Style Blocking.
  • Siddha Grounding Meditation.

The Muay Thai Boran (Evening Training) includes:

  • Wai Kru and Ram Muay Four Corners Form.
  • Structure and Body Alignment.
  • Male/Female Triangle Footwork.
  • Muay Thai Boran Combination Attacks and Blocking Sets.
  • Pad Work  (Muay Thai Boran Combinations).
  • Basic Sparring and Counter Technique Drills.
  • Basic Clinch Techniques.
  • Pranayama Breathing Exercises.


The Muay Thai Sangha Arts Camp also offering internal healing training based on the fighting arts curriculum. The internal aspects include consciousness of movement and understanding the flow of energy, related to angles, gravity, and developing sensitivity. This kind of training will allow the student to understand how movement and energy can flow from an internal perspective, as well as through interactions with an opponent. At the end of the training, the student will become more aware of their own balance and their opponents, and be able to embrace energy softly but effectively to bring balance into the fighting arts. 

The Healing Training Program (Morning Training) includes:

  • Weapons Body Awareness Exercises.
  • Sensitivity Drills with Weapons.
  • Weapons Evasive Footwork.
  • Flowing Techniques.
  • Siddha Grounding Meditation.

The Internal Training Program (Evening Training) includes:

  • Structural Alignment Exercises.
  • Empty Hand Sensitivity Drills.
  • Open Hand Evasive Footwork.
  • Locking/Takedown Techniques.
  • Pranayama Breathing Exercises.